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Education Week
Monday 1 August to Friday 5 August 2016
Year 12 Trials

Begin Monday 25 July 2016 to Friday 5 August 2016

Click here for Trial HSC Timetable for all Families

Year 11 Preliminary Exams

Begin Monday 4 September 2016 to Friday 16 September 2016

P & C RIO Trivia Night

Saturday 13.8.16

Raising funds for new playground Gazebo

Click here for details

Performance Ensembles Rehersals

Drama Ensembles

Year 7 Drama  Tuesday Lunchtimes  B3 - Ms Barry

Junior Ensemble  Monday Lunchtimes  B3 - Ms Slattery (year 8)

Production Ensemble Thursday Lunchtimes B3 - Ms Barry

Senior Ensemble Friday Lunchtimes B3 - Ms Barry (Year 9 & 10)

The Art Ensemble will take place on a Monday Lunchtime in B21  - Ms Texier

Dance Ensembles

Wednesday Sport Elective - Cantabrian Hall Ms Reed

The Dance Company Monday 3.15- 4.30 Studio/MPC Ms Reed

Music Ensembles

Year 7 Choir Monday lunchtime B14 - Ms Flannery Amanda Hall

Training Band Tuesday lunchtime B14 - Ms Wilson

Senior Choir Thursday lunchtime B14 Ms Flannery

Percussion Ensemble Friday lunchtime B14 - Ms Flannery

Band Thursday 8-9 am Cantabrian Hall Ms Wilson

Strings Ensemble Wednesdays Period 2 in B15 with Bridget Hall